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Chairman: Dr Jeremy Catto
General Editor: Mr Alan Crossley
Treasurer: Mr Michael Riordan
Secretary: Dr Elizabeth Wells

Mr S. Bailey 
Dr R.A. Beddard
Dr W.J. Blair 
Dr J. Curthoys
Dr R.A. Darwall-Smith
Dr M. Graham
Mr J. Munby 
Dr R.B. Peberdy 
Professor R. Sharpe
Dr W Whyte

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The Society exists to publish archives, historical texts, bibliographical tools and studies about Oxford – the City as much as the University, its Halls and Colleges – and the neighbouring villages and towns in pre-1972 Oxfordshire. It seeks out suitable materials from all sources – academic, monastic, municipal, commercial, and institutional, as well as personal. To date it has published nearly 140 volumes. These publications have dealt with all periods of history but there has been a concentration on the earlier records. In the future, it is expected that more emphasis will be on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The Society is administered by a committee of trustees drawn from both the University and the City of Oxford.

The Society was entered on the Charity Commission's Register on 8 December 2003.

Sabine Chaouche

Libraries: University Archives, Bodleain Library, Oxford

Presentation by the Bodleian

University Archives

The University Archives' function is to select, preserve and make available for administrative or research purposes the documentary records of Oxford University and its departments.

The University's records date from 1214 to the present, and include charters, statutes, and title deeds; records of the Chancellor's Court; the records of the University's legislative and executive bodies (e.g. Congregation, Convocation, and Hebdomadal Council); financial and central administrative records; records of students; records of University delegacies and committees; and departmental and faculty records.

Arrangements to see these records must be made in advance with the University Archives; access to some documents less than 80 years old is restricted.

Oxford University Archives
Bodleian Library

Tel: 01865 (2)77145

Sabine Chaouche

Oxford revisited by Sabine Chaouche

George Chinnery's Correspondance

CC Flickr DonkeyHotey
In 2008, a new film version of Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh was released and gave modern audiences a new “taste” of Oxford in the 1920s. 
This version which was not as acclaimed as the famous TV series filmed in the 1980s emphasized the mythical but also controversial aspects of the students’ life at the University of Oxford. Students giving themselves over to partying, students devoting themselves to leisure activities and wallowing in luxury were part of the décorum and topoi which were made on Oxford (the film shows the University Students having a self-satisfied and complacent lifestyle, reminiscent of Georgian times: hence the richly and sumptuously decorated rooms; the servant waiting in the background; the finest goods and the most exquisite drinks served for breakfast, and the aristocratic nonchalance and laughter… Nothing here but an affected dilettantism which makes of study an irrelevance... Nothing here but futile and playful pastimes which push into the background the real purpose of being at Oxford…

Sabine Chaouche


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